We believe in quality indulgence. At Sunflower Spa Thai Massage & Sauna, you will enjoy soothing therapies that have been specially tailored for you. Revive your spirit, indulge your senses and relax with  well deserved treatment. Let the stress and pressure of the day melt away with us. We are proud to present the original Thai Massage service. We strive to provide you with the best massage and the most friendly customer service possible. Our therapists use only premium oils, balms and scrubs to ensure that you have the best experiences.


If you would like to be pampered or revitalise we invite you to make an appointment with one of our caring massage therapists.


Effects of Thai Massage Among the main effects of Thai Massage is relief of pain (back, head/neuralgic pains/, muscles, joints), agitation and recovery of the life energy flow, improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation, physiotherapy and regeneration of the organism, increase of motility, strengthening of immunity, detoxification, relief of stress, harmonisation and strengthening of the nervous system.And for its numerous stretching exercises.


Thai Massage is termed “Applied Hatha Yoga” or “Yoga for the Lazy”. The term that best describes the art of Thai Massage is “Yoga Massage”. Even if Thai Massage may be painful in case of health problems, it will help you relieve these problems or even eliminate them completely.

Traditional Thai Massage is an excellent method for attaining and maintaining good physical and mental condition. Come and personally experience the magnificent feeling of lightness and relaxation, which comes after a Thai Massage.


Come in and try Traditional Thai Massage in the pleasant atmosphere in our Thai studio.It will relieve you of stress and you will leave the studio with a feeling of a peaceful mind.

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